Tungsten Carbide Tipped Saw Blades

Industrial Range

Industrial Range Tungsten Carbide Tipped saw blades are precision manufactured to the highest standards for accuracy and durability. Incorporating heavy gauge, hardened, tempered, ground, smithed and blocked saw bodies, with industrial grade tungsten carbide saw tips.

Industrial saw blades fall into four general catagories, Rip, General Purpose, Crosscut, and Fine or Trimming.

Rip blades have large gullet space for chip clearance and rapid cutting with the grain.

General Purpose blades provide a good finish and can be used for finer ripping or rough crosscutting.

Crosscut blades have more teeth and are used for cutting across the grain.

Fine or Trimming blades have as many teeth as possible to provide a good clean finish for accurate sizing and trimming of timber and various materials like plywood and particle boards.

Non Ferrous

There are two types of Non Ferrous Tungsten Carbide Tipped saw blade.

Non Ferrous Section blades are for cutting hollow and solid sections of aluminium and other non ferrous materials.

Non Ferrous Extrusion blades are for cutting thin walled extrusions of aluminium and plastics, and are normally with a negative tooth angle.

Negative Rake

Negative Rake Tungsten Carbide Tipped saw blades are specially designed with a negative tooth angle for cutting across the grain and trimming with radial arm and pull over saws, and for cutting mitres.



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