Narrow Bandsaws

Wood & Metal Cutting

Wood-cutting blades have heavy alternate set. As well as giving a better cut in wood, the extra set means that the blade can usually be resharpened one or two times.

Hard Edge Flexible Back have a range of wood and metal cutting bandsaw blades.

High performance hard tooth, flexible back carbon steel bandsaw for cutting most materials including wood, plastic and non-ferrous metals.

Traditional file-resharpenable wood cutting bandsaw.
Hobby/Thin Gauge
Extensive range of high performance thinner guage flexback blade to provide more flexibility and smaller radius of drivewheel usually for smaller machines and DIY use.
Hard tooth flexible back or hardback carbon bandsaw for cutting non ferrous metals.
For high speed friction sawing of ferrous and hard to cut metals.
A specialist thicker guage blade for furniture or cable reel manufacture and cutting contours.
Extra Set
A specialist blade with a heavy set for furniture, cable reel manufacture and contour cutting.
High performance hard tooth blade for timber ripping.
Pallet recycler
Specialist blade for pallet dismantling and recycling.


Bi-Metal blades combine the advantages of a high speed steel cutting edge and a highly fatigue resistant steel in the body of the blade. This gives a longer blade life and faster and more uniform cutting rates.

M42 Cobalt 

The M42 Cobalt high speed steel offers greater hardness and heat-resistance, allowing higher cutting rates in tough and difficult materials.

Available with wither constant or variable tooth pitch.

For production metal cutting, solid sections and harder to cut exotic materials.

Matrix Bi-Metal

The use of Bi-Metal blades makes it possible to increase production considerably when cutting difficult materials, such as stainless steel.

Available with either constant or variable tooth pitch.

Bimetal Matrix
For general purpose metal cutting, interrupted cutting, fabrication work and cutting sections prone to vibration.

Meat & Fish Cutting 

Meat & Fish cutting bandsaw blades are hard edge with spring tempered back.

They are made from high-grade steel and are induction hardened by the ID-2 process, giving maximum hardness and durability.

Meat and fish
Hard tooth, bright steel bandsaw for cutting food.
Knife edge blade for cutting soft foods and boneless meats.

Straight-Edged Bandknife & Foam Cutting Blades

Used on conventional bandsaw machines for cutting soft and fibrous materials.

Produces an extremely smooth surface finish without tearing or leaving ragged edges.

Suitable for packing material, stacked woollen cloth, synthetic sponges, sponge rubber, corrugated boxes, fibreglass insulation, leather, felt, tissue, paper, cork.

Wide range of types and edges for foams, textiles and soft materials.

For some specialist insulation and foam cutting applications.

For some specialist insulation and foam cutting applications.


Most types of bandsaw blade can be sharpened. With the exception of Alternate Set Bandsaw Blades for Wood, all other bandsaw blades cannot be re-set and therefore sharpening will reduce the set of the blade. This means that only one or two re-sharpens are possible before the blade must be replaced.

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